What Is Scrip?

Scrip allows businesses to give you money towards your student’s account on purchases you make every day as a thank you for supporting their business and as a way for them to support our community. When you purchase a Scrip gift card for Wal-Mart, Target, MFA Oil, and countless other stores and on-line stores, the store will donate a percentage of your purchase back to our organization. Your student will receive half of the donation to use on their band fees and the band get will the other half to use toward new instruments, props, travel trailer expenses and feeding the kids at competitions. 

Let me get this straight, businesses give my student money?

Here's an example. If you spend $200 dollars at Wal-Mart using Scrip, Wal Mart will donate 2.5% of the purchase to support our program. That means Wal Mart donates $5. Of that $5, your student will earn $2.50 dollars in their band account and the band will earn $2.50 dollars.

Here's how it adds up:

Let's say you are buying $800 dollars worth of groceries from Wal Mart every month, spending $300 on gas at BP, and have a few odd and end needs like replacing filters and wiper blades on your truck for $100 at Advance Auto and buying school clothes for $200 at Old Navy.  This is what these stores will donate back from these purchases:

WalMart donates 2.5% = $20

BP donates 2.5% = $7.5

Advance Auto donates 7% = $7

Old Navy donates 14% = $28

That's a total of $62.50.  You earn half for yourself and half for the band so your student account shows $31.25. If you continue to average this amount in various purchases throughout the year, that will be $375 for you and $375 for the band in twelve months. If one grandparent or friend also decides to use scrip for purchases and averages what you average, your money doubles from $375 to $750.  

Here's another bonus

If you have an expected or unexpected major purchase that comes up, use scrip for a major power up to your student's account.  If your refrigerator goes out and you use a Lowe's gift card (4%) to buy a $800 refrigerator,  $32 will be donated toward the band and your child.  If you plan to take that cruise you've always dreamed of to unwind from all the band volunteering, Carnival offers 8%.  That would be $160 donated to your student and the band from a $2000 cruise.

What does the money in my student's account cover?

The money you earn through Scrip that is deposited in your students' account can be used to pay all band fees and band travel expenses.  

Does the money carry over?

The money in student accounts carries over from one year to the next and down through younger siblings, but when your youngest student graduates or leaves the band, all money left over goes directly to the band.

How does the money get paid?

At the end of July, September, January and April, Scrip money is deposited into student accounts which you can view in Charms.  Once money is in your student's account, the treasurer will apply that money to fees.  Once the fees have all been paid, money grows in that account to be ready for the next trip or fee.  

Who can set up an account for my student?

Any number of family, friends or coworkers can set up a Scrip account towards your child.  

How do I get started?

Here are instructions to set up a Scrip account.  You must have an account for your student to receive the money.

  1. Email or call Boyd Denson at boyd.denson@gmail.com or 573-556-6770. He will give you a code specific to our band program. Anyone who wants to support the band can have the code, but we want to make sure you are affiliated with the band and not an internet fraudster so it is not available here on our site.

  2. Go to https://www.shopwithscrip.com/

  3. Click on the green button at the top right corner that says "Get Started"  On a smart phone, it will not show up as a green button, but will show up as an option in  the pull down menu.

  4. Click on the option labeled "Join An Existing Program" 

  5. Follow all the prompts and make sure to fill in your information. Please make sure you put in your student's first and last name and a contact phone number in the information page.

What if I don't want to use the internet?

At the end of every Tuesday night practice and mini-camp, Boyd Denson will set up a table on the east side of the stadium.  You can fill out a form with your information and buy gift cards from him directly.  Find the table with the bright green signs.

What's next?

Once you have an account, you have two options to order scrip gift cards.

  1. Order a regular plastic gift card (we call hard copy) that fits in your purse and can be ran through machines like a debit card. To order regular cards, you have to order through the Scrip website by the dates below and then pick up your cards at a booster meeting or arrange to meet Boyd at the end of a band practice. Regular cards can be reloaded through the website.  You can also buy stock cards that we have on hand. Boyd will always have Hy-Vee, Sonic, and MFA Oil SCRIP cards at Booster meetings or after practice should you need them, but you do have to  have a Scrip account. 

  2. Use Presto Pay or MyScripWallet within the Scrip website to order a gift card that show up as a bar code on your computer or smart phone.  Cashiers can scan the code from your phone or you can print out the code and they can scan the piece of paper.  This is a super easy way to use Scrip. You can order at any time and receive the code immediately. Some people even make the purchase of the gift card from their phone as they wait in line at the check out using MyScripWallet.  If you'd like to learn more, click on the button to the right.

How Do I Receive My Gift Card? 

If you order a hard copy, Scrip ships them to Boyd Denson in a bundle and he distributes them at the Booster Meetings or you can arrange to meet him after practice or come to his house which is close to downtown.

If you order through Presto Pay or MyScripWallet, the barcode will immediately show up in your account.  You can display it on your smart phone at the cash register or print it off on a piece of paper.  The cashier will scan it or key in the number.  If you have an unused balance, the amount is updated and displayed in your scrip account.

Dates for Ordering plastic hard copy Scrip Cards 

July 22

August 26

September 23

October 28

November 25

December 23

January 27

February 24

March 24

April 21

May 26

Who Is The Coordinator of All This Again?

Boyd Denson is the scrip coordinator.  He sets up a table the last hour of practice or you can call him at 556-6770.  If you have any trouble at all in the set up process, he would be happy to help you set up your account. 

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