Uniform Care

Fees and information may change through the year. Please contact the uniform coordinators if you have any questions.

Tisha and Corey Scott

1. When you receive your uniform remove the plastic dry clean bag, and place uniform into garment bag.

2. Keep your name tag on your hat box.

3. Always wear a t-shirt and a pair of thin shorts under your uniform. Most likely your show shirt. Shorts must not be thick enough to bulk under your uniform.

4. Please keep your hanger. The uniform will need to be hung immediately after each wear. The seams of the pant legs should be together. This will help prevent wrinkles from forming.

5. When returning home after a competition remove uniform from the garment bag and hang in open air. This will prevent mildew smell.

6. Never spray cologne, perfume or hairspray around your uniform. These will cause discoloration.

7. Never transport any kind of food or candy in your garment bag or in your uniform.

8. Smoking is not allowed.

9. If your uniform gets muddy, let it dry. Do not remove spot while it is wet. Once it dries gently rub with soft brush to remove spot.

10. Keep shoes in back of garment bag. Never in garment bag with your uniform.

11. Never wash your uniform. It must be cleaned with special chemicals. Washing will ruin your uniform.

12. Uniforms will be dry cleaned once a year after marching season. If you get your uniform seriously stained or dirty during the season please contact Tisha Scott.

13. Please wipe your hat with a disinfectant wipe after wearing.

14. Keep your shoes clean and polished at all times. “Armor All” wipes work best.

15. Bibs may need to hemmed. This is your responsibility.

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